Total Moisture (The Toby Series Book 2) από τον Robert MacLean

Ο Robert MacLean είναι φίλος, Ιρλανδός που γεννήθηκε στον Καναδά, αλλά ζει στην Ελλάδα, καθότι παντρεμένος με Ελληνίδα.

Πολυγραφότατος, σκηνοθέτης και συγγραφέας, παρουσιάζει το νέο του βιβλίο Total Moisture στα αγγλικά.

Ακολουθούν ορισμένες κριτικές και απόψεις:

An American gigolo in France
“Laugh-out-loud tears-in-your-eyes funny”—LCB
“Total Moisture was a fantastic, laugh-out-loud read and I didn’t hesitate to download The Cad as soon as I finished it.”—I’m a Little Teapot
“Clever and laugh-out-loud funny.”—Joanna Carter
“Another great book from Robert MacLean. We need more Toby books!! A lot of fun and outrageously funny.”—Mr. T. Penrose

The nice people at HarperCollins Authonomy:


“Despite the glowing reviews in the pitch, the blurb does not do Total Moisture justice. The work is undeniably zany, off the wall, offbeat and 100% hilariously and riotously funny.”—Robert Davidson (The Tuzla Run)

“I want to take this on holiday next week!”—Liz Hoban

“What a fantastic book…Polished and professional stuff.”—Yasmin Esack (The God Equation)

“This is funny with a capital FUN. You have that draining sarcasm that pulls laughter from the chest and secret smiles at agreement in everything you say.”—andrew skaife

“yep..truly funny! Have to say, maybe it’s just me, but when I read your short blurb I thought, ‘oh, no..that means it won’t be funny’..but it IS..yayyyyy!”—Deborah Aldrich Farhi

“The male character who professes to not read literature speaks as if he came from great literature.”—A J Mahler

“Irreverent from page one – that’s my kind of book…You definitely get the tenor and timing of humor in writing, which is no easy task.”—Christian Piatt (several books on Amazon)

“from the start a very good book. written with such smooth style.”—Su Dan

“I wish I had read Foreign Matter. I feel like I missed something. I’m sure it was as funny as Total Moisture.”—Walden Carrington

“Great stuff – very funny. As a toilet reader, I appreciated the opening. Excellent dialogue throughout.”—Barry Wenlock

“well-crafted and enjoyable.”—Katherine L. Holmes (The House in Windward Leaves)

“Clever and laugh-out-loud funny.”—Joanna Carter

“I truly wish I had half your talent.”—Denise

“Witty, funny, smart.”—Elizabeth Wolfe

“Very well written and funny.”—Herschel Shirley

“a pleasure to read.”—Andrew Burans

“I haven’t been in the south of France for years so I really enjoyed the descriptions of such a beautiful place. Your dialogue is very well done: always brief and to the point.”—Burgio

“Your pitch sucked me in to read your book & your tight paragraphs & dialogue kept me reading.”—Susie Gulick